More About Me

I am an empath from London. I have been sensitive to energy and emotions for as long as I can remember. As a child, I would find myself drawn to anybody who was going through a tuff time. I would sit with them and listen, then, blurt out something that would make them feel very comforted and make me feel good. As a child I would also come to know when a close relative or friend was about to leave the physical plain. A few days before their passing I used to get anxiety attacks and premonitions. I am now aware during all these experiences it was the spirits’ trying to communicate with me and provide comfort to grieving souls hrough me and that I was actually channeling their loved ones while giving healing messages unknowingly.


Our Latest Events

A Day of Channeling Erik in India

Date: 2017-12-29

Time: 10:00 - 17:00

Rate: £ 70


A Day of Channeling Erik in India

Erik and me are having a Day of Channeling Erik in Mumbai, India on the 29th of December. Erik has been very excited about this idea and has been suggesting an event in India for a long time. He is so passionate when he talks about the Indian culture and the way we live in India. He talks about all the great things we do and also the things we can learn to chillax about (Psst! there are a lot of things). He wants to give a hug to everyone who is up for it as he knows we are not big on hugging, but he loves it so much. There are so many things he would like to talk about with all of you. So here is the schedule for the event, its very similar to what we did in the UK last year.

Morning - Energy Clearing, Guided Meditation and Channeling Erik with Q&A.

Mindful Lunch - Included.(Vegetarian)

Afternoon - Developing intuitive abilities, intuitive development exercises, learning about intuitive tools and most importantly intention, grounding and protection when communicating energitically.

There are 30 seats avaiable to book. If you would like to see a few videos from the event last year click on the links below.

Channeling Erik UK Event - Erik talks about soul contracts and free will

Channeling Erik UK Event - Erik talks about Time and Dimensions

Channeling Erik UK Event - Erik talks about looking at things positively

Channeling Erik UK Event - Erik talks about past life connections of CE UK peeps