What to trust – information

We are vibrational being and we interact with our environment all the time, which also carries it vibrational frequency. When we view/intereact with information online or in our environment then we allow the frequency of that information to affect our own vibrational frequency. Sometimes this can be benificial but also sometimes it can make us feel confused and frustrated. Specially if this information is coming from someone who is trusted by many and is a respected source.

In this case, we should always trust our own insticts. We can pay attention to how that information is making us feel. If it makes us feel less in someway and takes away our self confidence, instills fear of some kind, makes us feel angry and frustrated then dont trust that information. Doesnt matter where its coming from, whether its coming from me, or a big spiritual guru, your own friend/family or a book/blog. If the information is making you feel empowered, at peace, happy and good about yourself and is giving you strength to achive what YOU want, then that information will always be for you. Hold on to that information and keep going ahead on your spiritual journey. It might be coming from a little poster on the wall that you dont even know who put it up, but if its making you feel good, its for you.

Following your dreams – meaning and purpose of life



When we honour our emotions and our truest excitements. When we strive to become an authentic version of self and stop comparing us to others, we feel happy, joyful, fulfilled and complete. We are all born with unique gifts and have a special place in the world. However, we spend most of our time trying to fit in a mould of normal and whats expected, which leaves us feeling empty inside, in-spite of fitting the mould perfectly. However when we spend our time doing things that make us feel inspired and happy, we fill our hearts with unconditional love and gratitude, making us feel content and at peace.

To find this gift within us and following it path gives meaning to our life and when we share this gift with others in humble gratitude it gives our life its purpose.


Thoughts create reality

We create our own reality, when we start seeing this clearly. We become empowered and understand that we are 100% in control of our own life. We come out of the victim mode and become the kings/queens of our world. We also start to see that every one else is the owner of their own reality. We understand that everyone else is doing the very best they can. With this knowing we can offer our loving tolerance and compassion to everyone else including ourself on this wonderful journey of life.