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Observing your thoughts

Not too long ago while deep in artistic meditation, I began to view the blank canvas before me as a representation of life.  With each choice of colour and each stroke of the brush, I watched as the plain white began to fill with colour, perspectives, and eventually a story.  Just as I am the creator of my painting, I too am the creator of my own experiences in life.
Many people believe that to meditate is to banish your thoughts.  Whereas you will never be able to discard them completely, you can calm them for a moment or two.  To say that there should be no thoughts is to ask for non-existence.  You ARE your thoughts, your emotions, your body, and your consciousness.  As long as YOU exist, there will be thoughts.
You see, your thoughts are the basic building blocks of your life.  Whatever you manifest in this life first takes place in the energy form of your thoughts, whether happy or unhappy, it doesn’t matter; your thoughts create your reality.  Unfortunately, most of the time we are completely unaware of the realities we are creating as we operate on autopilot, having thoughts afterthoughts, stimulated by the outside environment, media, social media, society, or through regular thoughts such as learned behaviours or habits.  As we live our lives unconsciously, we keep manifesting things which are unwanted and sometimes harmful.  We start to feel out of control, believing there is someone else pulling the strings and playing the cords while we try our best to manifest what we want and rid ourselves of what we don’t want.  We lie unconscious of what is stirring in our minds while wallowing in our lives and complaining about everything else outside of us.  It’s not a happy place to be in.  You feel angry, frustrated, and out of control.  But at least now we know, it’s only a fleeting reality.
Once you are able to, BREATHE DEEPLY, slow down, take a step back, and let go of your immediate ego and unfulfilled desires.  Once you are able to go inwards and really SEE yourself through the intrinsic mirror that is your awareness, you will then feel safe, in control, and at peace with who you are.  It’s only a matter of realising your true potential, vastness, and reach; you are so much more than the physical reality you manifest.  You meditate, you look at the other realities of yourself, your thoughts, and your feelings.  You see the complete YOU and you see what is NOT YOU.  You ask if there is a YOU.  That is when you know your truth.  Your thoughts are not obscure anymore.  You observe them, with an awakened indifference while in between worlds and a sweet peaceful smile emerges.  You are now the CREATOR of your reality.
I am offering my spiritually activated art, Observing Your Thoughts, a 40cm x 42cm box canvas painting infused with sweet mindfulness, for £270.  For inquiries, contact me through the following link:
Much love and light to all.

What to trust – information

We are vibrational being and we interact with our environment all the time, which also carries it vibrational frequency. When we view/intereact with information online or in our environment then we allow the frequency of that information to affect our own vibrational frequency. Sometimes this can be benificial but also sometimes it can make us feel confused and frustrated. Specially if this information is coming from someone who is trusted by many and is a respected source.

In this case, we should always trust our own insticts. We can pay attention to how that information is making us feel. If it makes us feel less in someway and takes away our self confidence, instills fear of some kind, makes us feel angry and frustrated then dont trust that information. Doesnt matter where its coming from, whether its coming from me, or a big spiritual guru, your own friend/family or a book/blog. If the information is making you feel empowered, at peace, happy and good about yourself and is giving you strength to achive what YOU want, then that information will always be for you. Hold on to that information and keep going ahead on your spiritual journey. It might be coming from a little poster on the wall that you dont even know who put it up, but if its making you feel good, its for you.

Following your dreams – meaning and purpose of life



When we honour our emotions and our truest excitements. When we strive to become an authentic version of self and stop comparing us to others, we feel happy, joyful, fulfilled and complete. We are all born with unique gifts and have a special place in the world. However, we spend most of our time trying to fit in a mould of normal and whats expected, which leaves us feeling empty inside, in-spite of fitting the mould perfectly. However when we spend our time doing things that make us feel inspired and happy, we fill our hearts with unconditional love and gratitude, making us feel content and at peace.

To find this gift within us and following it path gives meaning to our life and when we share this gift with others in humble gratitude it gives our life its purpose.


Thoughts create reality

We create our own reality, when we start seeing this clearly. We become empowered and understand that we are 100% in control of our own life. We come out of the victim mode and become the kings/queens of our world. We also start to see that every one else is the owner of their own reality. We understand that everyone else is doing the very best they can. With this knowing we can offer our loving tolerance and compassion to everyone else including ourself on this wonderful journey of life.

Feeling low and depressed – What to do?

Experts say that almost everyone goes through depression at some point in their lives. Feeling low and depressed is a sign. It is a sign to take time out and pay attention to your self and your own needs. It a sign that you have been ignoring your self and your emotional needs for a long time.  It is a sign that you have been running around trying to make a living or whatever it is you need to do to keep things running, all the while ignoring your emotions that were saying “too much, too much, can’t take it anymore”.This is when the body and mind goes “ Whoa! time out, take a break, I NEED TO BREATH!”.

If its too much and you are feeling suicidal, please get in touch with your doctor or a psychiatrist and let them guide you to health and happiness. Believe me they do a marvellous job, work with them. Remember death is not an end all session into nothingness. Its a transition from physical to non physical. You carry all your memories and emotions with you.  So you will not be leaving it behind you take your problems with you. If you want to deal with them in this life and give yourself the beautiful life experience you deserve , then below are some pointers on what you can do to get yourself back up. This time when you get up, which you will, don’t run around like a headless chicken, get your priorities straight and remember “Slow and steady will always win the race”without fail!

1 – Make a decision

Ask your self, have you had enough and are you sick of being miserable and depressed?

OR Do you want to experience it some more?

If you have answered YES to the first question, then make a decision, say to yourself, “I want to go back to feeling like my self again”. The day you make this decision is the day everything will change for you. This will be the day you take control of your life back and make it what it needs to be.

2- Start by taking baby steps of happiness

Depression is at the core an emotional issue that also manifests into physical symptoms like chronic exhaustion and low energy. So the change needs to start with the emotions, first. Start by gathering little moments of happiness on daily basis. Don’t underestimate the value of little pockets of joy you can squeeze in your boring routine activities . Spend time doing little things that give you pleasure, like cooking your favourite meal or ordering it to eat in watching your favourite rom-com or sci-fi thriller, savouring each bite, feeling it on your tongue, smelling it and relishing it all the way. Get back to your lost hobbies and do them just because they give you so much joy. If you enjoyed painting in the past start painting again, if you like to boogie start dancing, if you like karaoke start singing. Give your self these little moments of joy everyday. Live for these little joys of live. As a child I always loved Timon and Pumba’s motto, “Hakuna matata”. No worries, for the rest of your day. Live each day as it comes, in the moment, just for the simple pleasures of life. Where is the worrying about all the important things taking you anyway?

3- Little exercise goes a long way

Next pay attention to your physical body. As you build up your emotional body your physical body will start to feel more energetic and less lethargic. This is the time to indulge into light physical activity, feel good types. I am not talking about the muscle building heavy workout, unless that is something that makes you feel good. Do what feels right for you. Simple breathing exercises and stretches, a walk in the park, light yoga or pilates would be more appropriate.

4 – Finding support groups

Find local support groups of people going through the same experience as you. You have no idea how healing it is to connect with someone having the same experience as us. It makes us feel understood at a completely different level. Just listening to others’ stories makes us feel we are not alone and empowers us to share our own while feeling un judged or under pressure to act/perform a certain way in the society. Find a group which will make you feel supported and allow you to be honest and vulnerable in a liberating way.

6 – Practising mindfulness and asking the right questions

Once you feel strong enough to contemplate the big questions, its time to take decisions again. Ask yourself, what you want your life to be. Visualise it, dream it, see it, feel it, touch it. Once you have a decision for where you want to be, start writing down your priorities step by step. Give your self little targets, you know you can achieve. Start by making your bed everyday, thats a big achievement, give yourself a pat on the back and keep achieving your goals one by one.

7 – Be kind to yourself

Remember to be kind to yourself in this process. Being mean to yourself in your head is not going to help you achieve your goals faster. It is only going to help reduce your self-confidence and self-worth. Do not say words to yourself that you wouldn’t say to your best friend in the face of a failure. What is failure anyway, just a perspective. 3M one of the most successful and resilient company’s of the world once failed to make a glue that could stick, instead it made a glue that didn’t stick. Today, we know that glue as the ‘post-it’ notes. Imagine where our life would be without these wonderful little notes. Failure is an unexpected opportunity to invent something new!

Welcome New Visitors

Hello Dear Friends,

I am a medium. Which means, I have an ability to talk to you and your departed loved ones on an energetic level that goes beyond the five senses we are used to in this physical world. We are all energy and we vibrate with different frequencies that are defined by the emotional state we are in. Our frequencies are high when we are happy, excited, relaxed, peaceful, joyful and centered, hence the term feeling high. Similarly our frequencies are low when we are sad, depressed, confused, angry, agitated or at unrest, hence the term I am feeling low.

When we find someone who is at the some emotional state as we are, we say, he/she matches my wavelength/frequency. It is easier for us to be around people who match our emotional state/frequency/perspective of the world around us. This is usually because we feel comfortable with some one who shares our view, our opinion our emotion and our vibrational frequency.

With my clairsentient and claircognizance I can adjust myself with anyones frequency for a short amount of time using my energetic and physical body by opening myself energetically to receiving information from you/your guides and loved ones in spirit. I see, hear, feel and know the information instinctively. I receive pictures, sounds, smells and feelings in my body from all that is. I can use this information in many different ways for example to answer your questions, to help you connect with your loved ones, to help you see new avenues to explore specially if you are feeling stuck and can’t find a way out of something undesirable. This information also helps you align your self to your true purpose and desire of this lifetime and takes you a leap closer to your true self.

It works much like you talking to your best friend who knows you inside out, trusts you, believes in you and helps you see the light in both happiness and grief. Only difference being I don’t have to know you for many years, I still get the same feelings for you and I can still access the information about your with the help of the energy all around us.

What I do is nothing special, we all communicate this way (energetically) with people we love and care for. I can mimic this with everyone I open my self to for sometime/all the time and we all have this ability.

Hope this helps you understand energetic communication a bit better. I will be posting some more information on this in coming blogs.


Much love and light,