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Observing your thoughts

Not too long ago while deep in artistic meditation, I began to view the blank canvas before me as a representation of life.  With each choice of colour and each stroke of the brush, I watched as the plain white began to fill with colour, perspectives, and eventually a story.  Just as I am the creator of my painting, I too am the creator of my own experiences in life.
Many people believe that to meditate is to banish your thoughts.  Whereas you will never be able to discard them completely, you can calm them for a moment or two.  To say that there should be no thoughts is to ask for non-existence.  You ARE your thoughts, your emotions, your body, and your consciousness.  As long as YOU exist, there will be thoughts.
You see, your thoughts are the basic building blocks of your life.  Whatever you manifest in this life first takes place in the energy form of your thoughts, whether happy or unhappy, it doesn’t matter; your thoughts create your reality.  Unfortunately, most of the time we are completely unaware of the realities we are creating as we operate on autopilot, having thoughts afterthoughts, stimulated by the outside environment, media, social media, society, or through regular thoughts such as learned behaviours or habits.  As we live our lives unconsciously, we keep manifesting things which are unwanted and sometimes harmful.  We start to feel out of control, believing there is someone else pulling the strings and playing the cords while we try our best to manifest what we want and rid ourselves of what we don’t want.  We lie unconscious of what is stirring in our minds while wallowing in our lives and complaining about everything else outside of us.  It’s not a happy place to be in.  You feel angry, frustrated, and out of control.  But at least now we know, it’s only a fleeting reality.
Once you are able to, BREATHE DEEPLY, slow down, take a step back, and let go of your immediate ego and unfulfilled desires.  Once you are able to go inwards and really SEE yourself through the intrinsic mirror that is your awareness, you will then feel safe, in control, and at peace with who you are.  It’s only a matter of realising your true potential, vastness, and reach; you are so much more than the physical reality you manifest.  You meditate, you look at the other realities of yourself, your thoughts, and your feelings.  You see the complete YOU and you see what is NOT YOU.  You ask if there is a YOU.  That is when you know your truth.  Your thoughts are not obscure anymore.  You observe them, with an awakened indifference while in between worlds and a sweet peaceful smile emerges.  You are now the CREATOR of your reality.
I am offering my spiritually activated art, Observing Your Thoughts, a 40cm x 42cm box canvas painting infused with sweet mindfulness, for £270.  For inquiries, contact me through the following link:
Much love and light to all.

What to trust – information

We are vibrational being and we interact with our environment all the time, which also carries it vibrational frequency. When we view/intereact with information online or in our environment then we allow the frequency of that information to affect our own vibrational frequency. Sometimes this can be benificial but also sometimes it can make us feel confused and frustrated. Specially if this information is coming from someone who is trusted by many and is a respected source.

In this case, we should always trust our own insticts. We can pay attention to how that information is making us feel. If it makes us feel less in someway and takes away our self confidence, instills fear of some kind, makes us feel angry and frustrated then dont trust that information. Doesnt matter where its coming from, whether its coming from me, or a big spiritual guru, your own friend/family or a book/blog. If the information is making you feel empowered, at peace, happy and good about yourself and is giving you strength to achive what YOU want, then that information will always be for you. Hold on to that information and keep going ahead on your spiritual journey. It might be coming from a little poster on the wall that you dont even know who put it up, but if its making you feel good, its for you.