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Welcome New Visitors

Hello Dear Friends,

I am a medium. Which means, I have an ability to talk to you and your departed loved ones on an energetic level that goes beyond the five senses we are used to in this physical world. We are all energy and we vibrate with different frequencies that are defined by the emotional state we are in. Our frequencies are high when we are happy, excited, relaxed, peaceful, joyful and centered, hence the term feeling high. Similarly our frequencies are low when we are sad, depressed, confused, angry, agitated or at unrest, hence the term I am feeling low.

When we find someone who is at the some emotional state as we are, we say, he/she matches my wavelength/frequency. It is easier for us to be around people who match our emotional state/frequency/perspective of the world around us. This is usually because we feel comfortable with some one who shares our view, our opinion our emotion and our vibrational frequency.

With my clairsentient and claircognizance I can adjust myself with anyones frequency for a short amount of time using my energetic and physical body by opening myself energetically to receiving information from you/your guides and loved ones in spirit. I see, hear, feel and know the information instinctively. I receive pictures, sounds, smells and feelings in my body from all that is. I can use this information in many different ways for example to answer your questions, to help you connect with your loved ones, to help you see new avenues to explore specially if you are feeling stuck and can’t find a way out of something undesirable. This information also helps you align your self to your true purpose and desire of this lifetime and takes you a leap closer to your true self.

It works much like you talking to your best friend who knows you inside out, trusts you, believes in you and helps you see the light in both happiness and grief. Only difference being I don’t have to know you for many years, I still get the same feelings for you and I can still access the information about your with the help of the energy all around us.

What I do is nothing special, we all communicate this way (energetically) with people we love and care for. I can mimic this with everyone I open my self to for sometime/all the time and we all have this ability.

Hope this helps you understand energetic communication a bit better. I will be posting some more information on this in coming blogs.


Much love and light,