Shruti Kamble

Readings done through (Skype, Google Hangout or Phone)

I am a typical mom, I have a beautiful daughter and a handsome son. I am also a wife, sister, daughter, friend and a professional business analyst. I live my life as simply as possible, to avoid too many distractions and hindrances to my mindfulness, peace and clarity. I have been sensitive to energy for as long as I can remember. I remember always feeling different and wanting to fit in and feel included. As a young person, I found it difficult to understand jokes and I took things literally, which meant even mean jokes fell flat; good for me. I also remember being overly sensitive. Sometimes this worked for me and sometimes against. My sensitivity helped heal friends and family and if they needed someone to listen, I was there. But when it came to schools, colleges and other formal institutions, things were a bit difficult for me, as I couldn't comprehend the concept of competition and stepping over each other to “win.” According to my understanding, there is no situation which is “win-lose.” Only “win-win” for all or “lose-lose” for all. My sensitivity also meant that I could understand people and situations at a very deep level and still do. I understood things that people couldn't say but meant when they were actually saying something else. It’s like Marshall Rosenberg ideology; we all share the same needs and when we understand those needs, we can listen to people deeply, beyond their words. That is something that came naturally to me and I feel blessed.

My deep understanding, sensitivity and emotions also meant that I had very vivid dreams and premonitions. In my dreams, my unconscious mind could connect with the other dimensional planes and bring very vivid visitations, messages and blessings from my departed loved ones and friends. They gave me very clear emotional messages. Consciously, when my guides and loved ones tried to connect with me, most of the time, I felt an eerie feeling, the hair on my neck stood up and I had anxiety attacks. These attacks also took me to ER a couple of times, especially during premonitions about someone’s passing away. It was only a few years ago, when I learned about people called “Mediums/Energy Channellers” that I understood what was happening to me. When I started accepting this communication and connection with my guides and loved ones, the experience became loving, enlightening, comforting and exciting. But most importantly, I felt AT HOME and AT PEACE.

My journey into conscious channelling began in the summer of 2009. I had recently got married and things had changed for me immensely. During that time I moved away from my country of birth, India, and to the UK with my new husband. I also met with an accident, in which I badly fractured my ankle and was out of action for nearly a year. I was away from my family, my friends and my very successful career. Hubby took care of me for a couple of months and then had to go back to work and I was left at home alone with a broken leg in a new country with nothing to do. It was a depressing time. I wanted answers and I wanted to know why I felt this way. What was wrong with me? I was not happy with me. That’s when I picked up a book that I had brought from India from my fathers collection and started reading it. The book is called “Buddha and his Teaching”. I started by reading about reasons to believe in re-incarnation and it made sense, then I went on to read about karma and it made more sense. Then I started meditating on my new found understanding and it gave me more and more clarity. There was no doubt in my mind that we are beyond this physical existence. We are much more, we are eternal, there is no end and there is no beginning to us. This book, like many other books on Dhamma, gave me a lot of peace. My husband could see a striking change in my personality and I could feel it too. I had calmed down as a person, I had become more loving and understanding. I encouraged him to read this book too and when he did he experienced the same feelings. We changed as a couple.

During this time, I still had a few unanswered questions about the “other planes” and our existence in the great beyond. I wanted to know, what exists in the beyond and how it differs from this one. A couple of years later I "stumbled" upon Erik Medhus on YouTube. A video where "Erik describes his own death". Every question I had at that time in my mind about death and existence and so much more was answered all at once. That very night, Erik visited me in my dreams. After that, I watched every video made by Elisa Medhus, and read the CE blog for a long time. I kept reading up and researching more and more on the afterlife, spirit communication, quantum physics and anything paranormal. I knew in my heart that channelling and healing is my life's path and purpose. During this mad research, Erik started popping up in my head and talking to me through other channellers, nudging me to do readings, to get organised and believe in myself. He made me fall in love with him by giving his unconditional love and support. He’s like a best friend who is also my greatest mentor. He is known for teasing, pranking and embarrassing CE blog members, which he enjoys doing a lot as it gives people a first hand experience with paranormal without being spooked. He doesn't come to you and say BOO! its very subtle and enjoyable, mostly something funny and confusing like missing keys or foul smells when totally unexpected. He is always present in the background, along with my big spirit team of 11 wonderful guides whenever I do my readings.

I can safely say that I take refuge in Buddha's teachings for guidance and draw on Erik's unabashed honesty and unconditional love when giving readings. I don't like to call myself a psychic or a medium, I am not just a person in the middle, I feel stuff. And I am more than a spirit translator, as I have intense healing abilities that happen during the readings. I like to call my self a channel for ‘pure source energy’. I channel energy in the form of vision, words and in healing. I emerge myself in all that is to get the information. My whole body mimics the information that comes at me and it starts collecting the information, in the form of thoughts, feeling and physical symptoms, which I need to translate into language to communicate to you. This is what makes me a such a strong empath or a clairsentient. Apart from that, I also have clairvoyant and claircognisant abilities.

I am particularly good at finding a way forward for you if you are feeling stuck and are unable to see through the veils of fear, grief, material desires and uncertainty.

Some interesting facts about me-

- I have a bachelors degree in Information Technology. I have been trained as a computer software engineer and the left side of my brain is super active with a strong hold on my mind.Which means, I do not blindly and easily believe in things, or take them for granted. Anything I believe in/do has to a make sense scientifically, logically, intellectually and spiritually to me. I have a strong scientific understanding and background and I enjoy chatting about science and spirituality together.
- I also have a Masters degree in Business Administration from a Bloomsbury, London. This means I understand the business side of the world and can see through all the facade and scam of commerce and the corporate world.
- For a few years I gave my long term successful career as a business analyst to work as a spiritual life coach. This meant I was less rich but more happy. I feel blessed everyday of my life that I had the courage to take this decision. This is the happiest and most peaceful I have ever been. Every time I read for someone and connect with them and their loved ones in spirit, I feel incredibly privileged. To be able to witness their deepest emotions, their joys and sorrows, their fears and excitements, and to be a part of a life changing experience for them is truly special.
- I do not believe in God as singular entity, which might have been in a human form or walked earth in the past. God for me is you, me, the nature and everything else around us.
- I also do not believe in religion based on God either. I do believe that all the religions are philosophies about life and the way to live life. We should be able to choose the philosophy that suits us best. Better still, we should be able to question, combine and make our own philosophies and live by them without judgement.
- I do believe in karma (not the external judgement) , karma for me means there is a cause-effect phenomenon that takes place within our energy. If YOU DO (i.e. create in your energy) something that you perceive as good then it will have a good effect on your life and if you DO something that you perceive as bad then it will have an equal effect on your life.
- I do believe that we are 100% in control of our own life and we are the creator of our own life.
- I believe in the continuation of life after death in some form and frequency and I do believe we are in a perpetually changing energy paradigm.
- I also believe, that just like the radio tunes into the radio waves, usually incomprehensible by our human senses. We too can connect with the higher frequencies present around us by tuning our minds to that wavelength (Beta or Theta frequencies) as explained by the scientists. I believe, that when I am channeling, I connect with these higher frequencies through my mind, they can be your departed loved ones, spirit guides, gurus or teachers and they are the ones giving me guidance and messages for you. You are free to believe that the information is coming directly from me, if that makes you feel better. As long as the information is helpful and has a positive impact on your life, it doesn't matter where its coming from.

My warmest regards, love and light to everyone. I hope to connect with you soon.

May all beings be blessed with knowledge and higher wisdom !