Shruti Kamble

Readings done through (Skype, Google Hangout or Phone)

I am an empath from London. I have been sensitive to energy and emotions for as long as I can remember. As a child, I would find myself drawn to anybody who was going through a tuff time. I would sit with them and listen, then, blurt out something that would make them feel very comforted and make me feel good. I would also come to know when a close relative or friend was about to transition in the afterlife. A few days before their passing I used to get anxiety attacks and premonitions. I am now aware that during all these experiences it was the spirits' trying to communicate with me and provide comfort to grieving souls through me and that I was actually channeling their loved ones while giving healing messages unknowingly.

Despite all these signs I never took my intuitions seriously until, life decided to grab my attention in 2009. I had an accident in which I fractured my ankle and was out of action for almost a year. Life slowed down for me and thats when I started reading up on Buddhism and contemplating life.

Reading the book 'The Buddha and His Teachings' opened the doors to spirituality for me. I started meditating and seeing things clearly while channeling information from the source. However I still had some questions unanswered like 'what were the higher planes', 'how do we reincarnate' and 'where do we go if we don't incarnate', 'what happens when we die'. That's when I "stumbled" upon Erik Medhus on YouTube. A video where "Erik describes his own death". Every question I had at that time in my mind and so much more was answered all at once. That very night, Erik Visited me in my dreams. After that, I watched every video that was made by Elisa Medhus, and read the CE blog for a long time. I kept reading up and researching more and more on the afterlife, spirit communication, Quantum Physics and anything paranormal. I knew in my heart that spiritual awakening and spirit communication is my life's path and purpose.

During this mad research, Erik started popping up in my head nudging me to do readings, to get organised and believe in myself. He made me fall in love with himself by giving his unconditional love and support. He is like a best friend who is also my greatest teacher. He is known for teasing, pranking and embarrassing CE blog members, which he enjoys doing a lot as it gives the person a first hand experience with paranormal without being spooked. He doesn't come to you and say BOO! its very subtle and enjoyable, mostly something funny and confusing like missing keys or foul smells when totally unexpected.

He is always present in the background along with my big spirit team of 11 wonderful guides whenever I do readings. I take refuge in Buddha's Teachings for guidance and draw on Erik's unabashed honesty and unconditional love when giving readings.

As a medium, I am able to communicate with your loved ones, spirit guides, higher self and all that is; the source. I am particularly good at finding a way forward for you if you are feeling stuck and are unable to see through the veils of fear, grief, material desires and uncertainty.

I also write blogs with Erik on my CE blogs for India and UK.
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