All timings are in GMT - London time.

The energies/loved ones/spirit guides and the information that comes through during the readings is not in my control but is usually what the sitter (person taking the reading) needs at that time.

The fees for the reading should be paid in full while booking the reading.

Any cancellations/reschedules should be done at least 24 hours before the booked reading for which a minimum £10 cancellation charge will apply. For any cancellations done after that or for no-shows, refunds will not be provided.

Erik, my spirit guide/mentor and friend stresses that suicide is not the solution to any ones problems. You will need to deal with them here or in the afterlife, you can't really run away from your emotional/spiritual issues. We are energy, eternal beings and death is not the end it is just a transition from physical to non-physical. Please seek professional medical/psychiatric help if you are feeling suicidal.

Erik also explains that life is a precious gift and we should strive to live it fully while being emotionally honest to ourselves. We are emotional beings.

The information presented during the readings and the blog is not a substitute for professional legal, medical, psychiatric and financial advice. Please seek appropriate advice from these professionals where necessary.

Please do not offer your money/personal information to anyone other than myself for services provided on this website. Please keep your personal information secure.

If you are not happy/satisfied with the reading or the information that came through during the reading, you can let me know the reason and I will give you a full refund.

If you would like to book a reading by exchanging energy in the form of your own creative art/energy healing session/other goods/ anything else close to your heart that you would like to exchange then please get in touch with me on shruti.spiritmedium@gmail.com to discuss further and if your offer can be accepted.

I also offer a reading in exchange for your donation to a chosen charity (picked either by you or me). The donation amount should match the fees for the reading and you should be able to send me a receipt of the donation on shruti.spiritmedium@gmail.com to book a reading.