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Channeling Erik Weekend of Retreat - Event


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Location: Peak District
The event is now complete.Please do not book for the event


Channeling Erik Weekend of Retreat - Event

Event Organisers : 

Shruti Kamble - CE Medium and Alison Ailfinn Allan - CE Medium

We had a super successful channeling Erik weekend this year in the cosy setting of Peak District, UK. We had lots of fun meeting our channeling erik family in the UK and made lifelong friends.

The two event days consisted of transchanneling and channeling erik, opening up to your own channeling abilities via intuitive exercises, learning to meditate, ground and protect and learning to use tools such as Eboards, Pendulams and Dowsing Rods.

Check out the videos form the event of Shruti and Alison channeling Erik on youtube, links below

Shruti Transchanneling Erik Medhus

Alison Channeling Erik Medhus