- Readings done via Skype/Facetime/Zoom or Face-to-Face as per your need and availability!
- Please make sure you read the disclaimers before you book a reading!
- If for any reason I am not able to read you, you don't pay!

Mediumship Reading
Medium reading entails talking to your deceased loved ones, your higher self and spirit guides. Accessing information from all that is (Source) to answer any questions from your past lives, present life (if you are feeling spiritually stuck) and questions about future possibilities etc. The information and energies that come through during the reading is not in my control, but is usually what the sitter needs at that moment.

A Reading with Erik Medhus
This will include chatting to Erik Medhus from . He is my guide, my friend and my brotherly mentor. He comes through with his colourful personality and gives you an unique insight in your life. He says he is not a Fix-it-for-you guy but a Fix-it-with-you guy when it comes to solving any issues that you might be facing. He loves his CE family and knows them well.

Zodiac Personality Reading
Zodiac Reading entails description of your personality based on your date and month of birth. It's usually an accurate description of your outwardly personality traits and how people view you. It also explains your element and what it means, which career options will be most suitable and which personality/sun sign you will be most compatible with. Whenever I do any type of readings I am always channeling information from the collective so people with the same sun sign might have completely different aspects of their sun sign being spoken about during a reading which will be most relevant for them.

Email Readings
Email reading is a mediumship or zodiac reading given to you on an email. You can send up to 10 questions to me on the email and I will reply back to you on your selected timing. If you want Zodiac Personality Reading or Couples Compatibility reading on the email please mention your Date of Birth and/or your partners Date of Birth in the message. No need to mention your name if you want to keep it anonymous.

Couples Compatibility Reading
Zodiac compatibility readings are focused on your relationship. Although it can be about any relationship like friends, siblings, parent-child etc. It is mostly focused towards your romantic relationship. It gives an accurate picture of your compatibility based on your personality traits, element, how well you gel with each other and the things that you enjoy/appreciate in each other a lot and the things that you might not enjoy so much. It also helps you understand each others perspective on life and where you can find a common ground to make your relationship easy and enjoyable for both.

Face-to-Face Reading / Home Visit / Group Reading
You can visit me in Milton Keynes for a face-to-face reading. Energies I feel are much stronger this way and it will also give you a chance to bring along an item of the loved one you want to connect with. In person readings always go on for a couple of hours or longer. Alternatively, I can visit you at your own home for a private reading or clearing of any unwanted energy that might be causing you problems. I can also come for a group reading if you wish to host such an event at your house for your family and friends. Please restrict the number of people during the group reading between 10-15. During the group reading some people will be read and some might not, depending on how strong their loved ones energies are and who needs the reading the most.
To book any of these services please send me an email at or get in touch with me via the contact form on the website.


Urgent appointments within 3 days available on request at £15 extra on the reading. To schedule one, please get in touch via the contact page or email me at Urgent appointment once booked cannot be cancelled.


- All appointment timings are in GMT / UTC. Please use the World Clock to find the corresponding time in your time zone.



- The energies/loved ones/spirit guides and the information that comes through during the readings is not in my control but is usually what the sitter (person taking the reading) needs at that time.


- Any cancellations/reschedules should be done at least 24 hours before the booked reading for which a minimum £10 cancellation charge will apply. For any cancellations done after that or for no-shows, refunds will not be provided.



- My spirit guides say this again and again, suicide is not the solution to any ones problems. You will need to deal with them here or in the afterlife, you can't really run away from your emotional/spiritual issues. We are energy, eternal beings and death is not the end. It is just a transition from physical to non-physical. Please seek professional medical/psychiatric help if you are feeling suicidal.



- They also explains that life is a precious gift and its an aooprtunity to live fully while being emotionally honest to ourselves. We are at the core pure emotional beings.



- The information presented during the readings and the blog is not a substitute for professional legal, medical, psychiatric and financial advice. Please seek appropriate advice from these professionals where necessary.



- Please do not offer your money/personal information to anyone other than myself for services provided on this website. Please keep your personal information secure.



- If you would like to book a reading by exchanging energy in the form of your own creative art/energy healing session/other goods/ anything else close to your heart then please get in touch with me via the contact page.



- I also offer a reading in exchange for your donation to a chosen charity (picked either by you or me). The donation amount should match the fees for the reading and you should be able to send me a receipt of the donation.