Shruti Kamble

I promise, I will not change your life because I can’t. Only YOU CAN

However, I will be there for you - to guide you, to hold you, to support you, to cheer for you, to be brutally honest to you and to accept you, when you find it difficult to accept yourself, while you are on this journey. I will help you find YOUR answers by asking you the right questions.

Being a coach comes naturally to me, I do not feel the need to be trained as a coach. However, I took the ICF training for coaches anyway. Mostly because I was curious to know what other coaches do 😊 and also because I believe in continuous change and transformation, which happens only when you expose yourself to new people and ideas. Change is the most exiting process ever. Change is also the only constant, I know cliché 😊.

What qualifies me to be a coach is my own life experiences and my passion to do this work. I truly enjoy working with people and see those Aah ha! moments happening for my clients, when the fog starts to lift, and everything suddenly becomes crystal clear.

I do everything in my life with intention and take complete responsibility for whatever happens in my life. I am living my dream life. However, this is not to say that my life is perfect all the time. Occasionally, when life does throw me a curved ball, I am ready and excited. These difficult life experiences are the opportunities to learn, grow and explore new opportunities. I believe, it is not what happens outside that matters, it is what we make of it inside that shapes our reality.

I like to work with clients, who are ready to look within and challenge themselves, in order to BE their authentic self. If you ARE ready and want to work with me, please get in touch. If you are not ready to take responsibility for your own actions, I am not the right coach for you. If you decide to work with me, I can assure you we are going to have a lot of fun together. I am going to challenge you at every step and I expect the same from you. If you are committed towards yourself, I will be twice as committed as you.

Other facts about me

~ I am a human and have flaws like everyone else, however I am accepting of them and love them as much as I love the nice things about me.

~ I love flaws and weird personality traits in others, that’s what makes them unique, beautiful and relatable. Perfection is plain boring.

~ I hate reading self-help books, they give me a headache. I enjoy reading life stories of ordinary people with extraordinary experiences.

~ I worked as a medium for some time (yeah that’s right!) and I am still open to that experience. The question about mediumship is not if it’s real, the question is, IF it is required to get all the answers you want? to which I say NOPE, you have all the answers you need, inside yourself, you just need to learn where to look.

~ I do not believe in God or Religion. But I do believe these are wonderful tools. I respect any school of thought/religion that you choose to follow for your wellbeing.

~ I do not blindly follow rules or authority. I always challenge rules that don’t make sense and never break the ones that do.

~ I do not compromise on equality. Equality is for everyone no matter who you are, where you are from, what you do and what you believe in.