These are the core values we will work with - together.

These are crucial to the way I work and will form the FOUNDATION of my work with you.


Every one is a unique individual with a unique perspective on life. This uniqueness is not only respected but cherished when you work with me.


Acceptance of self, who we are and where we are in life is the first stepping stone towards progress and fulfilment. When we are able to accept our self, it’s easy to accept everyone else and their realities. Together we will work on acceptance, milestones and goals you want to achieve for yourself.


With acceptance comes clarity, with clarity comes confidence in choice and decision making. Working with me you will learn to make bold and beautiful choices, to live without regrets.


Behind bold and beautiful choices, there are individuals who are resilient. They are ready to accept the outcome of their choice no matter if it’s a success or a failure. They are ready to adapt, conquer and turn the situation around, with compassion and equanimity. While working with me this will be the most important quality you will develop.


Success is a balance unique to every individual. It is a continuous dance within the flux of the system we are in. For accessing your success we will focus on the feeling of satisfaction, safety, attachment, recognition and self-actualisation. We will regularly evaluate these factors and create a “Success Portfolio” bespoke to you.


  • Dialogue
  • Intuitive coaching
  • Bespoke techniques on your situation


  • Energy shift in the right direction


  • Is a unique balance for each individual. We will work together on your success factors and build a portfolio bespoke to you.