From Mel - Physician , UK :

I have had two readings with Shruti over the past 6 months and would like to recommend her to anyone who would like to connect to their loved ones or need guidance on their life journey . Her readings have been very accurate and there was real validation for me that she was able to communicate with my departed family. I have found this very healing and I also feel much more confident about the decisions I am making in my life . She is the "real deal" ! Thank you so much Shruti .

From Tanvi O :

I cant thank you enough for how blessed I feel to have met you Shruti. Soaking in your insight and wisdom was almost like instant healing for me. Connecting with my dad & getting validations that he is always around me & looking after me was so heartwarming & reassuring. Your advise on living as an empath was like finding those missing pieces of my puzzle I was searching for. You are using your gift in such an amazing way by giving light & direction to so many lives. Lots of Love & Light to you.

From Anne-Marie - http://annemarielifecoach.com :

Hi Shruti, I just wanted to thank you for the reading. I took on board the information that was given to me and I have made significant progress in relation to understanding my emotions and patterns of behaviour where relationships are concerned! it has been a great break through so thank you xx.

From Amy :

Your reading was the most amazing and resonant one I have ever experienced. Thank you so much for your extra time and care making sure I understood what they wanted me to know. Hope for the chance to talk with you again. Please take good care of beautiful you and your family!.

From Debbie F :

I had a reading with Shruti today and it was awesome!! She is the 'real deal' as my friend Audie would say. I asked for Jesus to come to my reading and he did! Shruti said she has only had him show up one other time! I was very shocked when she asked me if I asked Jesus to come! There was much more that she said that I connected with. Thank you Shruti...I wish you all the best on your journey..

From Sindhuja M :

I just had my reading with Shruti Kamble. I am so mind blown with the amount of validations that she has given to me. Absolutely Thankful for the clarity that she has provided for my growth. Erik came through and gave the ass kicking i needed to get up and get going. This was a wonderful and a heartfelt reading. Thank you so much Shruti for sharing your gift and bringing so much joy and clarity in my life smile emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon All the very best for your journey! .

From Jean K: :

I got a one hour chat reading with Shruti channeling Erik and it was just a terrific reading. A few times, she was answering questions that I was thinking up in my head and Erik confirmed some things I didn't ask during the reading but had been thinking about. Shruti accurately picked up my deceased dog, she even got his name before the reading, and that was amazing because my main question was about animals. She also picked up on health related issues going on with family. I loved the insight and advice too that I got from Erik. I've gotten many readings about my issues but have never really gotten answers about them until I got channeling readings with Erik. For the longest time, I assumed I simply wasn't allowed to know. I've gotten readings from three Erik channelers - Kim Babcock, Alison Ailfinn Allan, and Shruti Kamble - and every single one of them has been able to answer these questions. I have no idea why that is but I would definitely recommend a channeling session with Erik. The chat session was easy to follow too and was able to get answers to pretty much all the questions I had written up and then some. Thank you so much again Shruti. I will definitely be back for another reading..

From Joann C :

Shruti Kamble your gift is amazing! I am so glad Erik is helping you in his coaching role Thank you for connecting with my loved ones and persevering until I understood the messages from my Gran! I know you will bring love and understanding to all who are fortunate enough to have a reading with you. Much love .

From Shonna K :

Shruti Kamble thank you so much I've been on this path so long and you and Erik and others are helping so much. Thanks for the tip about the loud music it's been helping a lot. Love and light to you. Xo. Anyone who hasn't ha a reading with her I definetly recommend it. .

From Carol C :

Shruti - the reading you did for me a week or so ago was amazing & right on target. You are doing great work! So happy to know you! .

From Akanksha B :

My dearest Shurti...u r truely awesome .. So giving .. So gentle .. So gifted..Such a beautiful soul.. U comfort people in their hour of need.. And with such accurate information.. I love u and am so happy that we met .

From Madeline P :

Shruti you are so gifted and real, thank you for my reading and connecting with Erik and Audie was wonderful and encouraging confirmation. .

From Sheena P :

I can't say thank you enough for the reading. You are truly AMAZING And very accurate. I appreciate you and so thankful Shruti Kamble..